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Rite Aid keeps immunizations top of mind

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A new video from Rite Aid emphasizes the importance of staying up to date on recommended vaccinations, including the pneumonia vaccine.

In the clip, a Rite Aid certified immunizing pharmacist notes that seniors are at a higher risk of catching pneumonia, which afflicts about 900,000 Americans annually, and the chain provides the shot at its pharmacy locations (in accordance with state regulations). The immunization requires two shots about a year apart, and both are covered by Medicare Part B.

The video reflects Rite Aid’s ongoing efforts to develop its clinical services and position its pharmacists as trusted advisers to help patients address their health care needs.

Rite Aid’s clinical services include flu shots and other vaccinations; medication counseling, medication therapy management (MTM) and adherence services; medication synchronization; diabetes care; specialized health condition management; and smoking cessation. Patients also have 24/7 access to pharmacists via phone or online chat, and private consultation rooms are available in most Rite Aid pharmacies.

It all starts with immunizations, executive vice president of pharmacy Jocelyn Konrad said in a recent interview.

“In our toolbox of clinical services, we work toward ensuring that all patients are immunized appropriately,” she said. “Our field leaders and pharmacists having been driving our Vaccine Central tool to help educate patients about the recommended vaccines, and our pharmacists are available to answer questions and administer the vaccinations recommended for that patient.”


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