Rite Aid pharmacists in Idaho able to prescribe select medications

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CAMP HILL, Pa. — Rite Aid Corp. announced  that starting Sunday, July 1, Rite Aid pharmacists at all locations in Idaho will be able to prescribe medications to treat select, common conditions, under the Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority Rule Docket 27-0104-1701 promulgated by the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy. The rule, which was approved by the Idaho legislature, enables pharmacists to prescribe medications to treat common conditions like cold sores, seasonal influenza, strep throat and urinary tract infections as well as statins for patients with diabetes. 

“This is an important moment in the practice of pharmacy and we applaud the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy for recognizing the public health benefit of expanding the role of the pharmacist,” said Jocelyn Konrad, Rite Aid executive vice president of pharmacy. “As part of their pharmacy school curriculum, pharmacists undergo extensive training on medications, including effectiveness, interactions and side effects, and this training continues throughout their professional career. That knowledge, coupled with their accessibility within the community and their established relationships with patients makes this expansion of services a natural next step and one we’re excited to make available to our patients in Idaho.” 

The services are available at each of the following Rite Aid locations in Idaho: 

1515 West State Street – Boise                                 

7020 West State Street – Boise                              

10600 Fairview Avenue – Boise                               

5005 West Overland Road – Boise                           

1100 Vista Avenue – Boise                                       

660 East Boise Avenue – Boise                                

2809 East Cleveland Boulevard – Caldwell

208 West Ironwood Drive – Coeur D’Alene 

43 West Prairie Shopping Center – Hayden 

1904 19th Avenue – Lewiston

451 Deinhard Lane – McCall   

1600 North Main Street – Meridian             

3250 South Eagle Road – Meridian

1810 West Pullman Road – Moscow 

Per the requirements of the rule, Rite Aid pharmacists will consult with the patient and use an assessment form based on clinical guidelines and evidence-based research to determine whether or not a prescription is medically appropriate. In addition to documenting each consultation, the pharmacist will also work with each patient to develop a plan for follow up care and to notify their primary care physician of any prescribed therapy; if the patient does not have a primary care physician, the pharmacist can recommend one.

A service fee of up to $30 will be charged for each consultation (price varies based on type of consultation). If a prescription medication is prescribed, Rite Aid accepts many prescription insurance plans, including Medicare Part D. No appointment is necessary. 

Added Konrad, “As the country’s healthcare delivery system continues to change, we must continue to fully leverage the expertise and capabilities of our pharmacists. Rite Aid has worked diligently to help our pharmacists practice at the top of their license, whether it be administering immunizations, dispensing naloxone without a prescription or even prescribing hormonal contraceptives at select locations in California and all of our Oregon pharmacies, and we remain committed to expanding their role in order to provide an even greater level of care to our patients and communities.” 



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