Rite Aid takes the stress out of Stress Awareness Month

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. This April, Rite Aid recognizes Stress Awareness Month, part of its continued dedication to helping customers achieve whole health. Rite Aid pharmacists are specifically trained to understand how to manage and reduce the impacts of stress.

As a community resource for stress mitigation and management, Rite Aid pharmacists participate in regular trainings on scientifically proven tactics, supplements and medications to help lessen the impacts of stress. By speaking with their local pharmacist, customers can identify the perfect fusion of traditional and alternative remedies that is right for them.

Because stress and sleep are closely related, pharmacists are trained on the amount of sleep needed for different age groups, the effects of chronic stress, and health issues that can occur as a result of lack of sleep, such as increased risk of heart disease and arthritis. From there, Rite Aid pharmacists are able to provide customers with lifestyle recommendations, as well as traditional and alternative remedies to support stress reduction and improve sleep. Each training course is ACPE Accredited as part of the Rite Aid Continuing Pharmacy Education Program.

Karen Staniforth

“Rite Aid pharmacists are an accessible and essential healthcare resource our communities can rely on,” said Karen Staniforth, SVP & Chief Pharmacy Officer, Rite Aid. “We are committed to training and ongoing education to ensure our pharmacists are best positioned to help manage our customers’ health concerns, including alternative and lifestyle therapies for stress and sleep.”

In 2020, the annual Stress in America™ survey from the American Psychological Association found 5.4 out of 10 respondents reported the highest average stress levels in America since the survey’s launch in 2007 – making managing stress levels more critical than ever.

Rite Aid pharmacies are designed to be a one-stop shop for whole health and stress relief needs, offering a variety of health and wellness products like vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, oils, and over-the-counter medications.



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