Ritzman pharmacists share wellness expertise

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MEDINA, Ohio — Ritzman Pharmacy is positioning its pharmacists to play a bigger role in its patients’ well-being.

The Ohio drug chain has begun offering free pharmacist-led wellness assessments at select locations. Building on the Ritzman Revives program, the program is designed to provide answeres to customers’ wellness questions, such as ways to get more energy; how to lose weight using their own body’s science; and simple solutions incorporating nutrition, exercise, and/or supplements to help them reach their wellness goals.

Customers can come in anytime or schedule their wellness assessment online. In the assessment, they will talk to a Ritzman pharmacist and review their current health and wellness behaviors as well as their “markers of wellness,” including hydration, energy, blood pressure, heart rate, weight and blood glucose.

Ritzman PharmacyOther Ritzman wellness services include the RefreshinQ Quotient System, Technology Bar training, point-of-care Testing and an employee wellness program.

“Fifty years ago, the primary role of pharmacists was solely to dispense prescriptions. They were not permitted to discuss medications with patients and had to refer them back to their physicians when questions arose. Over time, pharmacists began to supply information about prescriptions,” Ritzman pharmacist John Dimmick explained about his profession’s expanding health care role.

“Our health care landscape and patients’ needs are changing, and pharmacists are no longer simply dispensing medication. Our pharmacists are also providing important wellness and health care services through innovative programs and services across our practice settings,” he noted. “Our purpose is to help people get, stay and live well — to transform them and the role community pharmacy plays in health care.”

Ritzman Revives kicks off later this month with a series of workshops titled “Dieting is Dead: A Better Way to Approach Wellness.” In the program, a Ritzman pharmacist and a registered dietitian will discuss wellness and the future of dieting, including strategies that customers can use to start their own wellness program. Attendees will receive coupons, free samples and light snacks. The workshops are powered by The RefreshinQ Co. and presented in partnership with Erin Schenkenberger R.D., L.D.

“In our practices, pharmacists frequently field questions from patients about ways they can boost their energy levels or for help in achieving their wellness goals,” stated Beth Husted, general manager of pharmacy services. “As part of our mission, this program will individually educate patients on better wellness choices.”

The workshops will run through the end of November and will be held at the following Ritzman locations: NEOMED in Rootstown (Oct. 19), Barberton (Oct. 26), Wadsworth (Nov. 2), Medina-River Styx in the Buehler’s Fresh Food Market (Nov. 8), Wooster downtown (Nov. 16) and Green in Uniontown (Nov. 28).

Ritzman Pharmacy operates 22 pharmacy locations in Ohio, including eight supermarket pharmacies.



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