Rx DrugSAFE to be sold at CVS stores

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HENDERSON, Nev. — Rx Safes Inc. has landed distribution for its Rx DrugSAFE secure home medication safe at CVS/pharmacy.

Plans call for Rx DrugSAFE to become available initially at select CVS drug stores in New York and Nevada, with a larger rollout slated later on, Rx Safes said Tuesday. CVS previously sold the product only online.


The Rx DrugSAFE uses fingerprint biometrics to prevent unauthorized access — especially by children — to prescription drugs.

A personal medication lock box, the Rx DrugSAFE uses fingerprint biometric technology to prevent unauthorized access to prescription drugs and other controlled substances in the home or during travel. The portable device is made of 17-gauge steel and holds up to 30 standard-size pill bottles. Users are enrolled in less than 10 seconds, and user recognition takes less than 1 second, Rx Safes said.

Weighing less than three pounds, the box can be programmed for use by up to 120 people and runs on 4 AA batteries. Enrollment data is not lost due to battery failure or removal, the company said, adding that the product provides more than 1,000 openings before the batteries need to be changed.

In CVS stores, information about the Rx DrugSAFE will be made available to customers at the pharmacy counter, and pharmacists will assist customers interested in purchasing one, according to Rx Safes.

Pharmacies are a natural retail outlet for the Rx DrugSAFE because it offers an effective solution for families in preventing drug misuse and abuse by keep medications out of the reach of unauthorized users and maintaining convenient access to the prescribed person, Rx Safes said.

“The pharmacist plays a very important role in the chain of health care and is the one health care professional at the community level who is most knowledgeable on how controlled substances can impact families, from accidental ingestion by toddlers to experimentation by teenagers, which can quickly lead to drug addiction,” stated Lorraine Yarde, chief executive officer of Rx Safes. “Pharmacists also recognize that a real problem requires a real solution, and that is why they are offering the Rx DrugSAFE through this in-store pharmacy program and via their online store.”

Next month, Rx Safes also plans to launch a doctor-direct program that will enable pediatricians to offer the Rx DrugSAFE to prevent medication misuse by teens and kids.



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