RxSpark offers new ecommerce platform for prescription discounts

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ATLANTA —  PS Deals, Inc. has launched a new one-stop health and pharmaceuticals ecommerce platform enabling consumers to locate the lowest prices on prescription medication at local pharmacies and find discounts on an extensive range of supplementary health products called RxSpark.

 “RxSpark is a new one-stop health ecommerce platform, covering all consumer healthcare purchasing needs in one easy-to-use online shopping experience and helping patients reduce their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses,” stated the company in a press release.

The platform features a Prescription Discount Card accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide, and an online shop offering great prices on a comprehensive range of health products — including over-the-counter medication, diagnostic supplies and more.

The advanced search capability enables patients to locate the lowest prices on prescription medication at pharmacies in their area, find products related to their medication or medical condition, and search for information and education resources about their condition.

Unique features of RxSpark include:

• A prescription discount program with prices up to 80%  lower than the cash price.

• A sophisticated health products ecommerce platform allowing consumers to easily purchase everyday medical supplies and other health products at low prices.

• A prescription reminder system to help users manage their medication regimen.

• A  Rewards Points program in which consumers earn points when they sign up and every time they use their prescription discount card, refer a friend, or when friends buy a prescription or health care product.  These Reward Points can be redeemed for gift cards from an array of online and bricks-and-mortar retailers.

• A social media marketing campaign that rewards the consumers for recommending this program to others.

• A market channel working exclusively with partners, offering them a white label site, vouchers and cards, and sharing revenue when a user or their friend buys prescription or complementary product.  These partners include healthcare organizations, pharmacies, insurance groups, and partners with a digital footprint.



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