Sanofi, Google team up to improve diabetes care

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PARIS and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Sanofi and the life sciences team at Google have formed a collaboration to improve care and outcomes for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Google smart contact lens glucose

Google’s life sciences team is testing a smart contact lens to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor.

The companies said the alliance will pair Sanofi’s leadership in diabetes treatments and devices with Google’s expertise in analytics, miniaturized electronics and low-power chip design.

They aim to explore how to improve diabetes care by developing new tools that bring together many of the previously siloed pieces of diabetes management and allow new kinds of interventions, including health indicators such as blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c levels, patient-reported information, medication regimens and sensor devices.

“This initiative combines Sanofi’s strength and knowledge in diabetes with Google’s leadership in technology and analytics to create a first-of-its-kind initiative with the potential to transform diabetes care,” Sanofi chief executive officer Olivier Brandicourt said in a statement.

Plans call for Sanofi and Google’s life sciences team to work on better ways to collect, analyze and understand multiple sources of information impacting diabetes. The companies said the goal is to make it easier for diabetes patients to successfully manage their condition, in turn reducing the risk of complications, improving health outcomes and lowering costs.

“With new technologies emerging to provide a more continuous and real-time view of a patient’s health, we can see the promise for more proactive and effective ways to control diabetes,” explained Andy Conrad, CEO of the life sciences team at Google. “Together with Sanofi, we believe diabetes management can be simpler and more convenient, which may help patients achieve an improved quality of life.” Current projects in development by the Google life sciences team include a smart contact lens with miniaturized glucose sensor, a nanodiagnostics platform to help with early detection of disease, and Liftware utensils for people with tremor.

Sanofi executive vice president Pascale Witz, who will lead the global diabetes and cardiovascular care business unit in the company’s new organizational structure, noted that Sanofi has built expertise in providing solutions that combine medicines, devices, technologies and services. “The life sciences team at Google can help us improve the patient experience, outcomes and manage health care costs more effectively,” according to Witz.

Also taking part in the collaboration is the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

“We are experiencing a worldwide pandemic of diabetes, and it’s very encouraging to see health care and technology innovators step up to the challenge of providing cutting edge tools and care advancing technologies to help people with diabetes manage their disease 24/7,” stated John Brooks, president and CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center. “Technology, sensors, analytics and digital solutions will revolutionize how blood sugars are managed, which will deliver improved quality of life, lowering the risk of complications and reducing the costs and barriers associated with diabetes care.”



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