Sanofi insulin savings program aims to cut costs

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BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Sanofi’s new Insulins VALyou Savings Program will seek to help lower out-of-pocket costs for people living with diabetes who otherwise would pay full retail price for Lantus or Admelog.

This includes certain uninsured patients who don’t qualify for traditional patient assistance programs, in addition to some commercially insured patients with a high deductible that has not been reached on their plan.

Under this new program, the total out-of-pocket cost a person will pay for Lantus or Admelog will be $99 for a 10 mL vial or $149 for a box of five 3 mL pens and is available at all U.S pharmacies. For some people, the program could offer significant savings compared to the out-of-pocket cost of other long-acting or fast-acting insulins.

“We understand that many people living with diabetes struggle to afford critically needed medications, especially those facing high out-of-pocket costs when paying for their insulin,”, North America Diabetes and Cardiovascular Head, Sanofi said in a statement.

“This program helps support those we can today, while we continue to innovate to help even more people tomorrow. It is our goal to do our part to find ways that help people living with diabetes gain access to insulins they need to help manage their disease, at a clear and consistent price, regardless of their pharmacy choice.”

In addition to this program, Sanofi will continue offering the existing Lantus co-pay card for eligible patients. Sanofi also offers assistance programs that provide medications at no charge for qualified low-income, uninsured patients through the patient assistance component of the Sanofi Patient Connection program.

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