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Schick Hydro men’s razor hits store shelves

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SHELTON, Conn. — Energizer Holdings Inc. has rolled out the Schick Hydro men’s razor at mass market retailers and other stores nationwide with the tagline "the best shave for your skin."

The company said Tuesday that the Hydro, introduced in February, sports a design that will "revolutionize" the shaving experience for men and provide superior comfort, encouraging them to shave more regularly.

"This razor will change everything men feel about shaving," commented Dan Kinton, senior brand manager for Schick. "With Hydro and its many skin comfort advances, we’ve developed a razor that will actually help give back the hydration that other razors can take away."

According to new Schick research, only about three in 10 men shave five days a week or more. The main problem is irritation. The research found that 64% of men say they would shave more often if there were a way to keep their skin from getting so irritated, and 73% agree shaving would be more satisfying if it didn’t irritate their skin so much.

"The research clearly demonstrates that there’s an unmet need for taking shaving beyond hair removal to caring for men’s skin," stated Kinton. "With Schick Hydro, we’ve created a razor that tackles irritation head on and allows men to put their best face forward."

According to Energizer, the Schick Hydro involves a total rebuild of the razor system — including the blade cartridge, lubricating system, trimming blade and handle — all geared toward reducing shaving irritation.

The three-blade version (Schick Hydro 3, $7.99) delivers high performance and protection for men seeking top performance at a better value, and the five-blade model (Schick Hydro 5, $8.99) offers the latest in razor technology, including a flip trimmer, an Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir with vitamin E, and five smooth-glide blades.

Central to the Hydro innovations, the company said, is the addition of Skin Guards, which are skin protectors that smooth out skin between blades, safeguarding the skin during shaves. Other innovations include an Advanced Hydrating Gel Reservoir that delivers concentrated moisturizing lubricants to the skin, which the company said go well beyond conventional lubricating strips; the advent of a flip trimmer that lets men to flip back the Hydrating Gel Reservoir for precise edging and shaving in tight areas; and a new ergonomic handle design.

Also launching under the Hydro banner is Schick’s first line of shave gels in the United States. The Schick Hydro shave gels, available in Moisturizing and Sensitive Skin varieties at an average retail price of $3.39, are designed to help men prepare their faces for shaving and add an extra boost of hydration to their skin.


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