Schick Hydro Silk teams with Jackie Cruz

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SHELTON, Conn. — With summer reality dating shows in full swing where contestants are competing for the love of others, Schick Hydro Silk is launching “Feelin’ Myself Island,” a new campaign that parodies the typical tropes to acknowledge many women no longer need someone to “complete them,” and to empower women to keep feelin’ themselves.

Jackie Cruz

The campaign debuts with a parody trailer featuring actress, Jackie Cruz, who instead of competing for the affection and validation of an eligible bachelor, professes her inner confidence through fun-lighthearted takes showing her flirting with herself as the sole “contestant” on “Feelin’ Myself Island.”

And Schick Hydro Silk, a brand that gives you a shave so comfortably close you’ll want to get even closer to yourself, is giving fans a chance to do just that on their own private island. Beginning today, consumers can head to FeelinMyselfIsland.com to apply for the chance to enjoy the company of you and you alone.

“It’s so important to love yourself – give yourself a rose, take yourself out to dinner, make sure your mind is right because when you do, when you’re confident, people gravitate towards you,” said Cruz. “People want to know, ‘Damn, what is she doing? What’s her beauty regime? Why is she so happy?’ And because I’m confident and feelin’ myself, I’ve been able to pursue acting, music and who knows what’s next! To successfully go after different endeavors, you need to fall in love with yourself first and what better place to do that than on your own private island?”

“By playing off the guilty pleasure of watching reality dating shows, we’re able to uniquely celebrate the growing inner confidence of today’s woman said Nancy Lu, brand manager, for Schick Hydro Silk at Edgewell Personal Care. And as a brand that stands for a comfortably close shave, ideal for any hair removal needs anywhere, island or no island, through the ‘Feelin’ Myself Island’ campaign we want to revel in the things women do for themselves and encourage them to get even closer with themselves.”

Schick Hydro Silk  is accepting contest submissions for Feelin’ Myself Island starting July 9. The winner will be announced live on Instagram on July 29. Be sure to follow along with @SchickHydroSilk and @JackieCruz for more details. And to join the conversation follow #FeelinMyselfIsland.



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