Schmidt’s Naturals, Jane Goodall Institute partner to support environment

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Continuing its vision to make plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan products the new normal, Schmidt’s Naturals announces its partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute to create Lily of the Valley, a special edition deodorant scent inspired by one of Dr. Jane Goodall’s favorite floral aromas. Five percent of every Lily of the Valley product sale will benefit JGI’s efforts to protect animals and conserve the environment.

Over the course of 60 years of trailblazing wildlife research, Dr. Goodall has leveraged her platform to spread a message of individual responsibility, action, and hope across the globe. Lily of the Valley is a fresh, green floral aroma symbolizing the hope and positive message Dr. Goodall has carried throughout her life’s work. Schmidt’s is dedicated to these same earth-friendly business practices and is a proud supporter of the Institute.

“If we all make ethical choices, every day, our collective power for change is great,” says Dr. Goodall. “This is why JGI has entered into partnerships with companies like Schmidt’s Naturals. I believe there is still a window of time to heal the planet before it is too late, but only if we each make the right choices every day. Then, thanks to the resilience of nature, we have a chance to create a better world for all living things.”

As a personal friend of the Goodall family, Schmidt’s co-Founder and chief executive officer Michael Cammarata admires Dr. Goodall’s contributions to animal and environmental conservation, which serve as an inspiration to Schmidt’s Naturals’ mission to expand access of quality natural and cruelty-free products.

“Partnering with JGI holds a special place in my heart as our combined efforts will continue to make a difference in the world,” says Cammarata. “As Schmidt’s Naturals continues to grow, mindful consumerism and conservation through the use of environmentally friendly ingredients, cruelty-free technologies, and sustainable practices will remain a priority for the brand.”


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