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Shoppers Drug Mart launches rapid COVID-19 screening programs

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TORONTO — Shoppers Drug Mart announced this week COVID-19 antigen screening options for employers in Manitoba who want a quick and convenient tool to more safely operate or reopen their businesses. Rapid antigen tests can provide results within 15-20 minutes, giving workplaces additional and readily accessible information to help keep their employees safe.

“Getting through this pandemic will require a three-pronged strategy – following public health guidelines and recommendations, increased and frequent COVID-19 testing and screening, and vaccinations,” said Ashesh Desai , Executive Vice President, Pharmacy and Healthcare, Shoppers Drug Mart. “Providing convenient, accessible and affordable testing options for employers will become increasingly important as we look to reopen the economy while keeping employees and Canadians safe.”

Widespread rapid screening can provide employers with an early warning system, helping to identify COVID-19 infections before they spread. An antigen screening test can detect an active COVID-19 infection by detecting the presence of antigens – or specific proteins on a virus’s surface. Although less sensitive than PCR testing, the antigen screening test can enhance currently available public testing programs, providing faster and more convenient options for employers.

Shoppers Drug Mart has two distinct programs available for businesses in Manitoba depending on employers’ size, need and location. In partnership with the Government of Canada , small and medium sized organizations can pick up antigen screening tests at any Shoppers Drug Mart location. An online portal is available to easily manage registrations, orders and for tracking results. The rapid screening tests for this initiative are being provided free-of-charge by the Government ofCanada for qualifying businesses. Stores will charge a small handling fee for each box of 25 tests. For more details, visit www.federalrapidscreening.morewaystobenefit.ca .

Shoppers Drug Mart has also launched an employer-based program that leverages an innovative online portal to support employees as they complete self-assessments, book screening appointments and view results. This program also provides employers with operational dashboards and consolidated reporting to help employers monitor the safety of their workforce. Screening can be done at participating Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw pharmacy locations throughout the province. For more details about program eligibility and cost, visitwww.morewaystobenefit.ca/rapidscreening .


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