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Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall to add color-changing products

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SANDY, Utah — Del Sol, a maker of apparel and accessories that change color, has signed distribution pacts with Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall.

The Sandy, Utah-based manufacturer said Wednesday that the drug store distribution deals are part of a series of major agreements signed with leading Canadian retailers — including specialty, airport and tourism operators — that altogether cover thousands of retail outlets and represent half of all new sales for the company.

Through proprietary Spectrachrome technology, originally developed by NASA’s space program, Del Sol said it has perfected a technique that enables products to change color when exposed to sunlight.

Color-changing products for men, women and children offered by the company include T-shirts, shorts, button shirts, tank tops, hats, visors, outerwear, infant apparel, jewelry, hair clips, key chains, flip-flops, nail polish, watches, sunglasses and tote bags, as well as plush toys, yo-yos and bubbles for kids. All Del Sol products come with a lifetime color-changing guarantee.

Del Sol said 2010 marks the first year that the company is making its color-changing products available to retailers in Canada. During Del Sol’s 16-year history, the products have been sold exclusively through the company’s branded Del Sol stores, primarily in the Caribbean. Currently, Del Sol operates more than 128 stores in 21 countries, including three mall locations in Canada.

"You’ve got to see the products change color in the sun firsthand to really understand what Del Sol is all about," Jeff Pedersen, Del Sol president and chief executive, said in a statement. "The Canadian market represents a significant growth opportunity for Del Sol."


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