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Simple Meds aims to simplify Rx

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Over the past few years, a number of online pharmacy operators have emerged with one thing in mind: to make it easier for people to get their medications and take them correctly.

One of the latest is Simple Meds, an Indianapolis-based, full-service pharmacy that sorts and organizes monthly prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins into convenient multidose packets. Its service, launched this month, is available in all 50 states for anyone with a valid prescription.

Customers enroll in the service via phone or the Simple Meds website. The medicines are delivered to their homes or offices each month in boxes that dispense easy-to-open packets bearing labels with the date and time they should be taken. Simple Meds noted that the presorted, prepackaged dosages save time and eliminate confusion for those on multiple medications.

Simple Meds said the cost of filling prescriptions through its service is comparable to that of most pharmacies. The company accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, and monthly co-payments typically stay the same, without added fees or costs.

“On average, our customers are taking 10 prescription medications and, before using Simple Meds, they were spending a significant amount of time sorting and coordinating. After calling Simple Meds, they were able to pass the sorting and coordination duties to us,” according to pharmacist Kyle Decker, vice president at Simple Meds. “Now a 30-day, presorted supply of their medications is delivered to their door at no extra fee.”

Also, Simple Meds helps customers adhere to their prescriptions through monthly check-in calls. The company said this regular interaction with its pharmacy team improves monitoring of medications, customer education about their disease states and prescriptions, and engagement with their physicians — in turn, fostering a team-based approach.

Simple Meds was developed in partnership with Paul and Lori Hogan, founders of the Home Instead Senior Care franchise network, a leading provider of in-home care services for seniors. After seeing many families struggle with managing medications — including spending hours filling pill boxes and renewing or picking up prescriptions with various doctors and pharmacies — they collaborated with top pharmacists to create Simple Meds and its simplified system for organizing and taking medications.

“We’re proud to introduce Simple Meds as a solution for anyone taking several prescriptions,” stated Simple Meds co-founder and CEO John Hogan. “From those who are looking for time-saving practices in their busy lives to those with a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease, this is for you.”


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