Lupin 2023

Skin to You brings a back to basics approach to skin care

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LOS ANGELES — Designed for the woman on the go, Skin to You, available online and at select Walmart stores nationwide, is a holistic collection of skin care products that demystifies skin care, offering a straightforward system that’s easy to understand. The products, which are not tested on animals and made in the US, boast a power packed ingredient list that is rich in antioxidants, helping to protect skin from pollution, sun damage, allergens and chemicals that can contribute to aging while balancing skin.

Skin to You Offers Three Collections: Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize, To Get You out the Door.

Skin to You’s Cleanse Collection offers three ways to kick off your daily routine: the Me, Myself & Micellar Water (a makeup removing spray), the soothing Ready for This Jelly cleanser and the Rated X-foliate (a face scrub packed with glycolic acid, green tea and aloe which doubles as face mask).

Because everyone’s skin is different, the Treat Collection lets consumers mix and match to target their specific skincare concerns to treat hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles before they start, like I Mist You (calming rosewater based facial mist and toner) , the I Scream for Eye Cream or Vitamin C Ya, which is a powerful skin rejuvenating Vitamin C serum.

And finally, the Moisturize collection is the last step to bare and beautiful skin with the Sun Sealed Delivered SPF 30 facial moisturizer and Vitamin Cream, a skin balancing cream packed with Vitamin C.

“Skincare can be mystifying for young consumers who may know they need to do something, but are overwhelmed with choices and put off by the associated expense. Skin to You is a simple collection of products that say what they are and do what they say. Even for women who are confident in what their skin needs, we wanted to make sure that the formulas were powerful and effective. We like to think we captured that Girl Next Door Glow in our bottles,” says Yassaman Kamaly, senior brand manager of Skin to You, who helped develop this new modern skincare company.


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