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SmartRx launches prescription discount card

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LOS ANGELESHigher prices across most health related goods and services have consumers reeling to find better options to save money. Starting today, these consumers have access to SmartRx, the newest prescription discount card. While designed to compete directly with GoodRx, SingleCare and Carecard, SmartRx (a division of Smarty) acts as a premium health savings that goes beyond prescription drugs.

SmartRx offers its users a free discount card and a paid membership program. The SmartRx Discount Card helps consumers save up to 80% on their prescription drugs. SmartRx+ is a monthly membership program offering health savings beyond prescriptions – including rebates for doctor or dentist visits, telehealth care, prescription glasses or contacts, annual vaccines, and pet medications.

“SmartRx+ goes beyond prescription savings and offers a smart health care savings approach,” said Vipin Porwal, CEO and founder of Smarty and SmartRx. “There are other health care costs beyond prescriptions, including co-pays and pet medications, which may be significant burdens to some. Our approach helps ease these burdens in a simple and effective way.”

In a recent SmartRx survey, 66% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that prescriptions are too costly. Nearly half (48%) of respondents said they would use a subscription service that offers cashback and rebates on prescriptions.

In the same survey, 63% of respondents said they have pets. Of those with pets, half said they would be more likely to use a subscription service for prescriptions if it offered pet insurance.

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