SolSkyn focuses on sunscreen innovation with products from Ocean Potion, NO-AD and BullFrog

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – For 2019, SolSkyn Personal Care, makers of Ocean Potion, NO-AD, and BullFrog, continues to bring innovation to the sunscreen category.

“SolSkyn’s portfolio is driven not only by product innovation, but by quickly responding to customer input and consumer needs,” said SolSkyn Personal Care vice president, John Van Houten. “While we are quick to innovate, the soul of each brand remains true to its origins. Ocean Potion is enhanced with skin-nourishing ingredients sourced from the sea, NO-AD provides exceptional value as it has for generations of families, and BullFrog offers high-performance sunscreens to anyone who engages in intense outdoor activities.”

Ocean Potion is SolSkyn Personal Care’s “beach in a bottle” brand. Ocean Potion’s consumers are conscious about what they put in and on their bodies and in the last year the brand responded by creating enriched formulas with seaweed, algae extracts, deep sea minerals, Aloe vera, and Vitamins B, C, and E. Ocean Potion Sunscreen lotions and continuous sprays SPF 30 through SPF 50 are Oxybenzone-free and Octinoxate-free — chemicals considered to be harmful to coral reefs.

  • 2019 will see the launch of a new lightweight version of Ocean Potion After-Sun Lotion with Aloe that moisturizes, softens, replenishes, and strengthens the skin with regular use. This versatile lotion speeds the repair and healing of sunburned or wind-burned skin

Ocean Potion continues to gain greater distribution with national retailers. The brand will kick-off the 2019 season with a major concert in Clearwater, Fla. supported by sampling and major advertising. Later in the season, Ocean Potion will participate in beach events across Florida to drive awareness, engagement, and trial.


NO-AD means no advertising and the brand doesn’t buy expensive TV, print, or radio ads, passing the savings on to consumers.

  • NO-AD has a history of firsts and is the first brand to bring value to the natural category with NO-AD® Naturals Clear Mineral SPF Sunscreen Lotion, which was introduced in the last year. Mineral-based formulas – for Babies, Kids and General Protection – are made with naturally sourced ingredients such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These formulas are Oxybenzone-free and Octinoxate-free — chemicals considered harmful to coral reefs. In addition, these formulas have no added fragrance, Parabens, alcohol, Propylene Glycol, oils, Retinyl Palmitate, BHT, Alumina, dyes or PBA.
  • NO-AD Sport Lotion SPF 50 will be available in a new 3 fl. oz. travel size for 2019.


BullFrog, the iconic high-performance sunscreen loved by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, continues to offer innovative activity-specific technologies and sun protection.

  • BullFrog Mosquito Coast has been reformulated for 2019. This convenient two-in-one combination sun protection and DEET-free insect repellent is Oxybenzone- and Octinoxate-free, SPF 50, and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage. Mosquito Coast is a best-selling sunscreen/insect repellent and the first mass-marketed fusion of these properties.
  • A new BullFrog Mosquito Coast® net wt. 2.5 oz travel size will debut in 2019.

BullFrog Mosquito Coast SPF 50 Continuous Spray 2.5 oz- F 31784.jpgBullFrog Mosquito Coast SPF 50 Continuous Spray 5.5 oz.jpg



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