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Spirit of Gallo adds new category to portfolio

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MODESTO, Calif. – Spirit of Gallo, the No. 3 spirits supplier in the U.S. by volume, announced recently that it will add a new category to its fast-growing spirits portfolio: Soju. As a result of the partnership with LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd., Gallo will expand the distribution of Soonhari, Chum Churum and Saero in the United States beginning January 2024.

“The Soju category doubled in the U.S. over the past five years, driven by accelerating consumer demand. The newest generation of drinkers has been driving the growth and is turning over the Soju category due to its variety, convenience, and accessible price point. We are entering the category at a pivotal moment with the strongest partner, and we look forward to capitalizing on this opportunity,” said Britt West, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Spirit of Gallo.

LOTTE Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd., is the world’s second largest Soju manufacturer and the first manufacturer of Soju that is made with mineral rich alkaline water. Their robust Soju portfolio offers consumers multiple brand choices in this versatile category; flavored (Soonhari), unflavored (Chum Churum), and zero sugar (Saero). All of these can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with fruit juice, soda or other traditional bar mixers.

LOTTE’s popular Soju brands have previously had limited availability in the U.S., sold primarily across Asian specialty stores. Gallo’s partnership will expand distribution across all other channels to capture the growing opportunity.

“We are excited to partner with Spirit of Gallo to leverage their distribution network and go-to-market capabilities to bring Soju closer to more consumers and take the category and the LOTTE Chilsung brands to new heights,” said Kyungdong Kim, President of LOTTE Beverage America Corp.

Soonhari is the original flavored Soju and means “smooth” in Korean. Soonhari is fruit flavor infused with a subtle sweetness, clean, and as its name represents, smooth taste. Flavors include Grape, Apple, Citron, Peach, Strawberry, Yogurt and Apple Mango at 12% ABV. Available in 375ml glass bottles.

Chum Churum is a clear distilled spirit made from tapioca and grains and natural bedrock mineral rich water for superior taste. Chum Churum means “like the first time.” This brand is available in two expressions: Original, 16.5% ABV and Rich, 20% ABV. Various sizes available.

Saero (Zero Sugar) means “new” and is an unflavored, zero sugar Soju. It has a refreshing, crisp taste with a smooth, clean finish at 16% ABV. Available in 375ml glass bottles.



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