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Stopain’s new packaging shows Arthritis Foundation support

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ENCINITAS, Calif. — DRJ Group Inc., the maker of Stopain natural topical analgesics, said new product packaging showing the company’s support for the Arthritis Foundation is beginning to appear on store shelves.

The labels read, in part, "Your purchase benefits the Arthritis Foundation. For every unit of Stopain products sold, DRJ Group Inc. will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Arthritis Foundation with a minimum contribution of $25,000 to help people take control of arthritis."

Stopain is carried by more than 25,000 chain drug stores and independent pharmacies, including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart.

DRJ Group said the rollout of the new label message, announced this week, reflects the company’s year-long awareness and fundraising initiative with the Arthritis Foundation. DRJ Group is a Proceeds Sponsor of the foundation, which addresses the needs of the approximately 46 million Americans living with arthritis.

"We are proud to be a Proceeds Sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation and encourage our customers to join us in supporting the organization," commented Bob Miller, vice president of sales and marketing at DRJ Group. "Our company mission is to help chronic pain sufferers manage their pain so they can lead richer, more active lives. We believe that working in cooperation with the Arthritis Foundation will help this become a reality."

As part of the initiative, DRJ Group earlier released a video in cooperation with the Arthritis Foundation called "Stop Pain. Start Dancing." The video, which stars motivational speaker and dancer Judson Laipply, was designed to help spread the message that staying active has long-term health benefits, including managing the effects of arthritis. The video can be viewed at www.stopain.com and on various YouTube channels.

DRJ Group said Stopain products include the top-selling spray and roll-on in the topical analgesics category. The active ingredient in Stopain is menthol, which is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as an analgesic that provides temporary relief from minor pains and stiffness of arthritis, muscle aches, strains and simple backaches.


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