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SweeTARTS intros Tangy Strawberry Soft and Chewy Ropes

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GLENDALE, Calif. – To celebrate National Strawberry Month in May, SweeTARTS recently announced that its new and highly anticipated Tangy Strawberry Soft & Chewy Ropes are now available in retail stores nationwide. With no artificial colors, the new Tangy Strawberry Ropes pack the same electrifying SweeTARTS flavor in a soft and chewy rope that is delicious and shareable.

SweeTARTS kicked off the new product announcement in February with a special online pre-order program, allowing fans the chance to purchase a limited supply of the new Tangy Strawberry Ropes before they hit stores.

“After our pre-sale sold out in record time, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and excitement from our fans,” said Benjamin Jones, SweeTARTS marketing associate. “We are thrilled to be able to bring our Tangy Strawberry Ropes to candy lovers just in time for National Strawberry Month, and look forward to satisfying sweet tooth cravings across the nation.”

In addition, SweeTARTS conducted a recent survey of more than 1,000 college students across the country to better understand how its target audience consumes candy, and how much love there is for strawberry as a flavor. According to the survey results:

  • Candy tops the list of favorite foods: About 50% of students consume or purchase candy on a weekly basis. Fast food and then soda are the second and third favorites.
  • Strawberry rules: More than 55% of students chose strawberry as their favorite fruit flavor. Orange and banana trailed behind at 14.7% and 13.8%.
  • Strawberries are the food of romance: More than 72 percent consider strawberries to be the best or most romantic fruit flavor to give to a significant other. Cherries were ranked second at only 16.2%.
  • The perfect combination: Of those students who have yet to try the new Tangy Strawberry Ropes flavor, more than 88 percent said they would be interested in trying them.

Since SweeTARTS took the chewy candy world by storm in 2015 with the introduction of Cherry Punch SweeTARTS Soft and Chewy Ropes, the product quickly became the brand’s best-selling candy. Sold in single and shareable packages, SweeTARTS Ropes offer an exhilarating flavor experience for candy fans. Whether they are looking for Cherry Punch or new Tangy Strawberry, sweet and tart lovers will be treated to a soft and chewy, fruit-flavored rope packed with a tart center.

The new SweeTARTS Tangy Strawberry Ropes can be found at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Circle K and participating 7-Eleven stores.


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