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Swisse Wellness announces collaboration with Wanderlust 108 events

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SAN DIEGO — Swisse Wellness has announced an onsite collaboration with Wanderlust 108, including brand presence and participation at six of its events across the country this fall. With a brand legacy of over 40 years, Swisse delivers premium quality supplements based on traditional evidence and scientific research. Swisse is committed to its three pillars integral to lifelong wellness – mindfulness, movement and nutrition – and the Wanderlust 108 experience perfectly encapsulates these values. Known as “the world’s only mindful triathlon”, Wanderlust 108 incorporates meditation, running, and yoga, along with showcasing various high-quality wellness and nutrition brands, at its curated series across the country.

Swisse will kick off its multi-sensory experience at the Brooklyn event on September 9, 2018, followed by five other cities including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Tampa and Austin. The Swisse experience is aptly named Destination Happiness, inspired by the company’s mission of making millions of people healthier and happier. The wellness experience will include tailored product recommendations via an interactive digital platform, as well as the opportunity to purchase immediately onsite.

The interactive installation experience will include three focal points, giving guests the opportunity to learn about the stories behind Swisse’s globally sourced ingredients in their most popular products. The Dream Dome will be a soothing, shaded environment where guests are invited to take a five-minute guided meditation. The space will feature an herbal mediation dome, (inspired by ingredients in Swisse’s Sleep product) which can aid in achieving restful sleep and reduction of irritability. Destination Happiness will also feature a Detox Platform where massage therapists will offer brief chair sessions while yoga experts help guests master detoxifying asana poses, which cleanse the body of toxins, set against a backdrop depicting a Spanish artichoke field, representative of where Swisse sources globe artichoke found in the Swisse Liver Detox Ultiboost product. In the Beauty Garden, guests are invited for a photo vignette in front of a floral wall featuring Sicilian blood orange, a key ingredient in Swisse Hair Skin Nails Liquid Ultiboost, which guests will be able to sample onsite.

The Brooklyn kick-off of the Swisse Wanderlust 108 experience will feature Luke Milton, Training Mate master instructor, Swisse ambassador and celebrity trainer as seen on E!’s Revenge Body. Luke will host Movement Mate, a full-body movement class combining body-opening exercises that will loosen up muscles and joints after a day full of Wanderlust workouts, providing a restorative experience for all who visit Destination Happiness.

Swisse’s presence at Wanderlust 108 is the next phase in the brand’s expansion into the U.S., led by Kimberly Weld, vice president of North American Operations.

“We’re thrilled to bring the Swisse commitment to mindfulness, movement and nutrition to Wanderlust 108,” said Weld. “Our immersive Destination Happiness experience was inspired by our mission to deliver health and happiness to millions, and we’re excited to bring that message to health conscious, active U.S. consumers at each 108 event, offering them the chance to familiarize themselves with our brand in a completely new and creative forum.”

Wanderlust 108 is a curated series that will pop-up at each city’s local park, bringing together over 20,000 engaged attendees during the fall season. Committed to helping its community of followers and attendees cultivate their best selves, Wanderlust 108 aims to achieve that mission on a large scale.

“We’re excited to partner with Swisse Wellness at our Wanderlust 108 events, as they share our commitment to helping people live a healthy and inspired life,” says Sean Hoess, chief executive officer. “Wanderlust 108 has grown into a global events series, and it’s fantastic to work with a partner who can support us across the globe. We look forward to an amazing partnership in 2018 and beyond.”

Swisse will have a presence at six U.S. based Wanderlust 108 events this fall, including Brooklyn on September 9, Philadelphia on September 22, Washington, D.C. on September 29, Detroit on October 7, Tampa on November 3, and Austin on November 10.

Swisse will be giving away one grand prize at Swisse.com/wanderlust which will be a flyaway for two to the Wanderlust 108 event in Austin, TX on November 10.


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