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Swisse Wellness introduces Multivitamin + Superfood Blend, also new probiotic offerings

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LOS ANGELES – Swisse Wellness announces two new product offerings set to join the company’s portfolio of premium vitamins and supplements available to U.S. consumers. The Ultivite Men’s and Women’s Multivitamin + Superfood Blend, available today on Amazon.com and Swisse.com, will offer an on-the-go powder alternative to the award-winning Ultivite to help consumers fill nutritional gaps. Swisse’s renowned Ultibiotic range will also be available this winter with the introduction of four new clinically trialed probiotic offerings to support digestive health, a healthy immune system, brain health and overall wellness.

“We’re thrilled to continue to meet the needs of our wellness enthusiast consumers here in the U.S. who are looking for natural and effective ways to enhance their overall health,” said Cat Ski, H&H General Manager of North America. “We continue to see the demand for innovative and convenient offerings in the North American market and are excited to deliver new products and formats to maintain Swisse’s success in the U.S. market and support consumers’ needs to fit their lifestyles.“

Swisse’s Multivitamin + Superfood Blends are formulated with a comprehensive blend of 41 vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and antioxidants, specifically tailored to support energy production and vitality, and promote general health and wellbeing. Holding true to the tenents of the award-winning Ultivite, a staple product for the brand for over 50 years, the new blends are made with premium and globally sourced ingredients backed by science including, acerola cherry fruit powder and matcha green tea leaf powder. The single-dose packs offer a great tasting alternative for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or lead a busy lifestyle and can be added to a glass of water, juice, milk, or a smoothie. Available now on Swisse.com and Amazon.com in a Men’s and Women’s format in Passion Fruit Mango Flavor at a MSRP of $44.99 (30ct).

“As a registered dietitian and mom of three energetic children, I believe it’s important to incorporate supplements and superfoods to support overall health and to help fill nutritional gaps when life gets a bit hectic,” says Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, LDN, CPT and Swisse Consultant. “With unique formulas for both men and women, Swisse’s Multivitamin + Superfood Blends make it easy to boost daily nutrition and are a great alternative to vitamins in pill or gummy formats.”

Further expanding its product portfolio, Swisse will also introduce its famed Ultibiotic product line to U.S consumers this winter, consisting of four probiotic offerings each with tailored benefits that support brain health, help balance the digestive system, promote improved immune defense and help relieve excess nervous energy. * Each Ultibiotic is a daily duo combining a clinically trialed probiotic capsule paired with a tablet including a blend of key nutrients and herbs to help support wellness from within.*

The Swisse Ultibiotic range will include four versions all sold in a package containing shelf stable capsules and tablets. Coming soon to Swisse.com and Amazon.com this winter, the line includes:

  • ●  Brain Health+ Probiotic: contains clinically trialed probiotic strains, bacopa, phosphatidylserine, and ginkgo biloba to support cognitive function, brain health and improve memory.* MSRP: $36.99 (30 capsules + 30 tablets)
  • ●  Calm+ Probiotic: contains clinically trialed probiotic strains, magnesium, chamomile, Vitamin B12 and ashwagandha to help the body adapt to stress, help relieve excess nervous energy and calm the mind.* MSRP: $36.99 (30 capsules + 30 tablets)
  • ●  Cleanse+ Probiotic: contains clinically trialed probiotic strains, milk thistle, choline and globe artichoke to support the body’s natural detoxification process, help relieve symptoms of indigestion while supporting a healthy gut.* MSRP: $36.99 (30 capsules + 30 tablets)
  • ●  Defense+ Probiotic: contains clinically trialed probiotic strains, andrographis, zinc, and Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system function and response.* MSRP: $36.99 (30 capsules + 30 tablets)For more information on the Swisse Wellness brand, new product innovations and to purchase the full range of products, visit Swisse.com.


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