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Retailers hail decision blocking overtime rule changes

Retailers hail decision blocking overtime rule changes

WASHINGTON — Retailers applauded a judge’s ruling preventing the Department of Labor’s changes to a federal overtime rule from taking effect on Dec. 1. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant issued a preliminary injunction blocking implementation of a Labor Department rule that would have required businesses to pay overtime to employees making less than $47,476 a

Budget deal includes some setbacks for Obamacare

WASHINGTON — Republican opponents of President Obama’s health care law may do better by dismantling the Affordable Care Act piece by piece. Under the budget deal passed by Congress and signed by the president last month, a widely criticized tax on high-cost employer health insurance plans has been delayed and two taxes already being collected

GOP makes bid to replace ACA

WASHINGTON — Three Republican lawmakers have proposed an alternative to the Affordable Care Act that would stop the expansion of Medicaid and reduce subsidies for middle-income people to buy ­insurance. The plan would give states more power to list “essential health benefits” of insurance. Coverage for maternity care would no longer be mandated. The proposal was