Talking strategy at NACDS Annual Meeting

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Day two of the NACDS Annual Meeting featured the conference’s first Business Program, led by outgoing chairman Martin Otto of H-E-B and NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson.

Otto and Anderson discussed the think-tank approach to strategy that NACDS is embracing with its Future Value Targeting effort.

“The Future Value Targeting initiative that Martin touched on may sound like a lofty term,” Anderson told attendees at the Sunday morning program. “But if you think about the words, it’s the future. We’re positioning and doing things right now that will lead this industry well into the future.”

He later told NACDS-TV, “We’re really identifying what we need to do now in order to build the long-term value that our members expect from NACDS to enhance their businesses.”

Jeff Featherstone of GSK Consumer Healthcare noted the value of the idea exchange between NACDS Annual Meeting on providing better health care.

“It’s about people living better lives, feeling better and living longer. And in many cases, it’s about saving lives,” he said in an interview with NACDS-TV. “So the kind of brain power, firepower and energy that is brought to this convention every year, it’s not only exciting but it’s important.”

NACDS-TV’s Sunday video recap also features Robin Russo of RLA Collective; former head of NATO Marine Gen. John Allen (Ret.), who spoke during the Business Program; Tom Mondragon of Oily Public Benefit Corp.; and Harvey Goodman of Dickinson Brands.

The day’s events also included the NACDS Chain Members & PAC Breakfast, featuring political strategist Karl Rove as guest speaker, and the NACDS Luncheon with author and inspirational speaker Margaret Trudeau.


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