Talkspace partners with Medly Pharmacy

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BROOKLYN, N.Y — Medly Pharmacy announced a new partnership with Talkspace,  a leading virtual behavioral healthcare company, to enable more seamless medication delivery for psychiatric patients based in New York City. The new partnership enables Talkspace Psychiatry users to easily purchase their prescriptions on Medly’s digital platform, connect virtually with a pharmacist in a dozen languages, and have their medications delivered for free that same day directly to their doorsteps.

The pandemic took a major toll on America’s mental health, with nearly one-third of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression.  Yet, when it comes to receiving prescription medication for mental health conditions, many lack access to a nearby pharmacy. The partnership between Talkspace and Medly Pharmacy aims to combat this disparity, by making it easier for Talkspace Psychiatry users in New York City to manage psychiatric medication online and select for same-day delivery on Medly’s platform, ultimately making treatment for mental health conditions easier and more convenient.

“We’re seeing an unprecedented mental health crisis in the United States. After a year of isolation, many Americans are struggling with depression and anxiety,” said Varun Choudhary MD, MA, DFAPA, Chief Medical Officer of Talkspace. “At Talkspace, we aim to combat this crisis by connecting patients to licensed therapists and psychiatrists on a digital platform. Our partnership with Medly will further our goal of expanding mental healthcare for all by eliminating pharmacy-access barriers to psychiatric medication.”

“We are honored to work with Talkspace to help New Yorkers get the medication they need to take care of their mental health,” said Dr. Marg Patel, CEO and Cofounder of Medly. “There are already so many obstacles to mental healthcare, from the social stigma to the cost of care. Accessing a pharmacy shouldn’t be another barrier. With this partnership, we will deliver prescription drugs to patients’ homes, ensuring that patients will be able to access the mental healthcare they need, regardless of whether they live near a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.”

Medly Pharmacy accepts all insurance plans, including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid to ensure that patients can afford their prescriptions. Starting on August 10th, Talkspace patients in the New York City metro region will be able to switch to Medly to access their medications.



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