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TCGRx’s TheBox promotes medication adherence

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POWERS LAKE, Wis. — TCGRx has introduced TheBox, a personal, timed drug dispensing unit designed to help patients adhere to their medication regimen.

TCGRx said Friday that TheBox directs patients to take the correct medication at the correct time, promoting independence by enabling patients to be in charge of their medication administration process.

TCGRx TheBox dispensing unitThe compact, portable unit (4 inches wide, 7 inches high and 8 inches in diameter) features four distinct alarms that can be programmed for different times throughout the day. When it’s time to take medication, the unit emits a clear sound and light signal. The unit has an AC plug for everyday use plus  battery backup if there’s a power loss or for when a patient is traveling.

Medications in the unit are organized using TCGRx’s AdherePac solution, a multi-med pouch that contains all of a patient’s medications for a given pass time. The AdherePac pouches also feature adherence tools, including images, color reminders and instructions. TheBox includes a magnifier for easy reading of instructions on AdherePacs.

TheBox works as follows: The pharmacy prepares the AdherePac pouches, and then the patient or caregiver loads the roll of pouches into TheBox. Next, the patient or caregiver programs the medication dispensing times. TheBox then signals when it’s time to take medicine. The unit holds a two-week supply of medication: 120 to 130 unit-dose AdherePacs or 55 to 65 multi-med AdherePacs.

For pharmacies, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Star Ratings and the focus on improving patients’ health outcomes have made medication adherence a priority. It’s estimated that up to 23% of admissions to nursing homes and 10% of hospital admissions could be avoided if people took their medications as directed, TGCRx reported.

“Nonadherence is likely to occur in any event where patients administer their own medications or treatments. TheBox is a convenient, patient-friendly solution that anyone can use,” stated Matt Noffsinger, executive vice president of business development and sales at TCGRx.

According to Duane Chudy, chief executive officer of TCGRx, it can take various combinations of techniques in order to boost medication adherence and, in turn, produce better health outcomes.

“There is no single intervention that will eliminate medication nonadherence,” Chudy explained. “However, combined with patient education and social support, TheBox gives patients a tool to manage their medications easily and effectively. We are very excited to add this to our expanding product line as a part of the overall health care solution.”


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