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Texas Children’s Hospital expands partnership with Omnicell

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Omnicell announced that Texas Children’s Hospital will expand its Omnicell automated medication management platform, with the addition of new automation for pharmacy and patient care areas, leveraging streamlined workflows and safety initiatives to support improved patient care and enhanced pharmacy performance.

According to an American Society of Health-system Pharmacists national survey, pharmacy directors estimate that 76 percent of staff time is spent on non-clinical activities. An automated medication management infrastructure empowers pharmacists, nurses, clinicians, and pharmacy staff to focus on patient and clinician satisfaction, leading to improved patient care, fewer errors, enhanced safety, and new opportunities for growth.

“As our health system continues to expand, we are constantly striving for excellence in care across our facilities,” said Gee Mathen, assistant director of Pharmacy Applications and Technical Services at Texas Children’s Hospital. “After leveraging Omnicell solutions in other areas of our hospital, we’re confident these new solutions will help bolster the care we’re providing to our patients as we continue to strive for the safest processes possible.”

Texas Children’s has selected Omnicell’s expert services, part of the Company’s autonomous approach to medication management, to support improved efficiency, regulatory compliance and outcomes.  Leveraging these expert resources will allow the health system to address labor challenges and implement best practices to achieve clinical and financial goals.

XR2 as a Service combines the groundbreaking technology of Omnicell’s XR2 Automated Central Pharmacy System with dedicated resources to support a more comprehensive approach to managing pharmacy medication inventory. Designed to scale with organizational growth, XR2 will allow Texas Children’s to maximize the return on pharmacy investment, reducing administrative burden and allowing pharmacy leadership to focus on clinical care.

The health system will also be implementing Omnicell’s Robotic IV Insourcing Solution (RIIS), a unique program that combines advanced robotic technology, data and expertly trained pharmacy technician staff into a comprehensive, turnkey package that provides a streamlined path for hospitals to insource their sterile compounding operations. Insourcing IV compounding can provide up to a 66% reduction in costs, based on ROI modeling.

Additionally, in patient care areas, Texas Children’s will expand the footprint of Omnicell’s XT Series Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets, which help improve workflow efficiency, medication accountability, and patient safety for both nursing and pharmacy.

“The pharmacy care delivery system is driven by outdated human workflows and manual processes that are not only risking medication errors, but also driving up costs,” said Scott Seidelmann, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Omnicell. “By partnering with leading health systems like Texas Children’s to advance our Autonomous Pharmacy vision, we are enabling the pharmacist to practice at the top of their license to transform the pharmacy care delivery model.”


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