The advantages of Synmed’s blister card production

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Automating your pharmacy with SynMed is a way to reduce the workload of your technicians, free up time while reducing errors, and focus on building patient relationships. It is also a way to deliver safe and customized compliance packaging solutions to your patients.

Overcome the lack of manpower

Overworked, understaffed and less able to connect with their communities, hospitals and pharmacies are looking for ways to solve their staffing issues. The problems are pushing health care professionals towards burnout, while the demand for medication and treatment is only bound to increase as the population ages.

At Synergy Medical, we’re confident that automation is the most efficient way to solve your pharmacy staffing issues. Indeed, the automation of repetitive tasks is the best way to reduce the pressure on your staff and therefore improve employee satisfaction. In addition, the use of SynMed technology will offer up to 15 times increased production speed for filling blister packs, and inimitable accuracy. By reducing the time spent on manual filling, they can put their energies towards expanding your pharmacy in other ways and focusing on building patient relationships.

Safe prescription packaging

According to Health Mart, pharmacies manually filling 250 or more prescriptions per day average four errors per day. With a SynMed, once the universal canister system is properly loaded, a robotic arm automatically performs the selection and placement of medications into the multidose blister card at a minimum rate of 30 cards per hour. At that pace, a single operator can complete 1,000 blister cards per 40-hour week. Above all, the system is 99.98% accurate, simplifying an otherwise complicated and time-consuming process.

Hands-free medication packaging

Fear of virus transmission is enough for most of us to think twice about taking our hands out of our pockets, much less picking up a potentially contaminated object, like a prescription bottle. In that sense, SynMed products and pharmacy systems keep the risks to a minimum, especially when it comes to hands-free medication packaging like multidose blister cards.

Improving medication adherence rates

With a SynMed system, multidose blister cards can be color-coded with the name of each patient printed in bold, large-font print, and further customized with pictograms and images. That gives patients the ability to get a stronger grip on what they take and when, raising their chances of taking the right prescribed dose to 97% of the time versus 61% for non-blister pack users — drastically improving medication adherence rates.

Perhaps even more important, taking daily medications via multidose blister cards eliminates the guesswork from the equation. People can be honest with their doctors about staying current with their regimens; in turn, doctors can adjust needed changes in dosage without the risk of overprescribing. Local pharmacies enjoy the advantages of a stronger financial base and a healthier community at large.

Facilitate and secure the taking of medication

SynMed multidose blister cards provide the means to improve preparation and dispensing in adherence with morning, noon, nighttime and bedtime administration on a daily basis. In the hands of health care providers, one package can replace as many as 16 standard medication vials, requiring only a two-touch process to go from prescription container to dosage cup. This not only saves time at the med-pass stage in short- and long-term health care facilities, but also promises a more secure and safe delivery method over time. A lot less can go wrong when the packaging itself becomes a key factor in compliance with any medication therapy management (MTM) program.

Whatever your current production volume, there is an option to automate your blister pack production.

Samantha Cockburn is vice president of marketing and customer experience at Synergy Medical.


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