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The Nicholas Hall Group releases cough, cold and allergy report

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LONDON — After exceptional growth driven by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, global CCA sales have begun to decline in Q2, according to a new report, Cough, Cold & Allergy from The Nicholas Hall Group.

Nicholas Hall

Citing data from Nicholas Hall’s DB6, MAT Q2 2020 growth was 3.7%, a significant drop from the 7.8% rise in MAT Q1 2020.

Consumer stockpiling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic boosted sales significantly in Q1 2020, and the global CCA market saw had $1.1bn in net additional sales in the year to mid-2020, with over half of these added by systemic cold & flu and allergy remedies.

However by Q2 2020 consumers cut back on O-T-C purchases, so sales have fallen in many markets.

Seasonal infections have also been impacted by the pandemic, partially as a result of social restrictions, the wearing of masks and increased hygiene measures. Allergy remedied should at least see a resurgence in sales as lockdown measures loosen in some markets, with consumers able to go outside more

To continue to boost sales, marketers should consider the benefits of a refreshed portfolio – CCA has recorded the third-lowest level of launch activity out of all of the major categories, although Rx-to-OTC switch activity has been a catalyst for launches in selected markets, such as Phitoss Hedera Helix (Brasterapica) in Brazil, Flunase (GSK) in Japan and Normomed syrup in Russia.

Consumers will undoubtedly remain interested in immunity-focused products which is an area marketers should focus on; combined with an increased concern in personal hygiene and flu vaccination, this may contribute to significantly reduced levels of cold & flu so marketers need to identity niche areas to ensure sustainable growth.

The full report, Cough, Cold & Allergy Report: Exploring the Current & Future Self-Care CCA Market, is available now. Full details can be found here:

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