The Vintage Cosmetic Company to launch into Wegmans

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CHELMSFORD, England — The Vintage Cosmetic Company has introduced three Make-up Headbands into Wegmans stores in October this year: The Olive Make-up Headband and Ava Make-up Headband which will be exclusive to Wegmans stores and their best-selling Dotty Make-up Headband.

“Our Make-up Headbands are perfect for seasonal gifting, and the two Wegmans exclusive Olive and Ava Make-up Headbands make me think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – they have a classic feel to them, but are also fun and practical at the same time,” said Clare Tarry, The Vintage Cosmetic Company co-founder and commercial director.

Tarry added that these classically inspired cosmetic accessories have been sold in the United States since 2015 and cover seven distinctive categories: false lashes, accessories, beauty tools, gift sets, hair collection, make-up brushes and bathing and body.

The Olive Make-up Headband is said to be very soft to the touch and has a black polka dot design, while the Ava Make-up Headband is made from black and white striped toweling. The Dotty Make-up Headband is a bright fuschia color made from soft, plush fabric. The elasticated bands on all three Make-up Headbands ensures one size fits all and comfortably pushes hair off  the face while users apply make-up, facemasks, creams and serums. All three have a large bow for added vintage charm.

These vintage inspired and Make-up Headbands will be available to purchase in Wegmans stores at the end of October.


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