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The Vitamin Shoppe now offers pure Almond Based Protein Powder by NOOSH Brands

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SECAUCUS, N.J. — The Vitamin Shoppe now stocks NOOSH Almond Protein Powders in its stores and on its website NOOSH, the plant-based product company known for its unique, playful packaging and naturally sourced ingredients, is the first brand to produce and manufacture a plant-based protein powder derived from whole California-grown almonds.  As a company dedicated to bringing innovative products to the market, The Vitamin Shoppe is the first and only national retailer to offer NOOSH Almond Protein Powder in its stores.

NOOSH was developed to appeal to the nutrition and culinary needs of consumers’ everyday routines unlike most protein powders that are marketed specifically as a supplement for workout recovery.  With unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla bean options, NOOSH protein powders are a healthy and tasty addition to smoothies, hot cocoa and other beverages, breakfast oats, pasta sauces, vegetable purees, desserts and more.  The first pure, unflavored California almond protein powder to market, NOOSH provides an added boost of protein and fiber and is a healthier alternative to plant-based protein products.

“When it comes to plant-based protein, NOOSH is an incredibly unique brand that represents innovation in its truest form,” says Dave Mock, chief merchandising officer at The Vitamin Shoppe. “Our customers are consistently looking for new products that will meet their dietary needs and we’re confident NOOSH Almond Protein will not only satisfy those needs but will be a product that the whole family will enjoy.”

“We have made a significant investment in technology and food science to create the most concentrated and highest quality of California almond protein powder ever introduced on the market, ” said Sarine Sahatjian, founder and chief executive officer of NOOSH Brands.  “Our products are manufactured in a facility with the highest standards: ideal for people with peanut, dairy, soy and corn allergies or other dietary restrictions, and are preservative-free.  Our protein powders are easy to mix and do not have a bitter, off taste that is associated with most flavored and unflavored, plant-based products.”


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