Therabreath launches Immunity Spray

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LOS ANGELES TheraBreath has unveiled a new Immunity Support Oral Spray Supplement with a proprietary blend of ingredients to help support the body’s immune system. Its combination of vitamins and minerals delivered through a spray provides an instant blast of nutrients and immunity-supporting antioxidants directly to the mouth and throat.

A recent survey indicates that nearly half of Americans began taking immunity supporting supplements over the last year. TheraBreath’s doctor-formulated Immunity Support Supplement  blends Elderberry and Acerola, and is fortified with Zinc, Copper, and Vitamins C and E – a group of natural supplements that support immune system function. Acerola is derived from cherries, supplying the supplement spray with its natural flavor, while also providing an excellent source of Vitamin C, known to support the immune system and serve as an effective antioxidant. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant and supports the body’s immune functions. Zinc and Copper also work to help keep the immune system supported.

“TheraBreath’s team of elite physicians and research & development professionals is committed to developing products that address major oral hygiene concerns, as well as promote overall wellness,” said TheraBreath Founder and Chief Researcher Dr. Harold Katz. “’We are proud to have met this challenge once again, as we offer a safe and natural immunity-supporting product that kids will enjoy taking as much as their parents.”

TheraBreath’s Immunity Spray Supplement is said to be great for an on-the-go, daily regimen of Vitamin C, and the delicious Elderberry Lemonade flavor makes it perfect for children and adults. Ingesting seven sprays of the product once daily, will support your immune system. It’s ethically formulated and contains no artificial colors or artificial flavors. It is certified vegan, gluten-free and certified by the NSF. Other popular Therabreath products include Therabreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse, Therabreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse, Therabreath Dry Mouth lozenges, etc. Therabreath Immunity Support Spray is sold in Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Instacart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many others.



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