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Theravent kicks off anti-snoring ad campaign

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PITTSBURGH — Theravent Inc. is launching a media campaign spotlighting the effectiveness of its over-the-counter anti-snoring strips.

Theravent Snore Therapy StripsCalled “No Excuses,” the campaign includes 30-second and 15-second national television commercials and radio spots depicting the strain that snoring can put on a relationship when the non-snoring partner isn’t able to sleep.

“We know snoring can lead to causing significant problems for many people both within their relationships and throughout their day,” stated Steve Howard, chief marketing officer of Foundation Consumer Healthcare, the parent company of Theravent. “We wanted an advertising campaign that would speak to not only the people who snore, but also recognize the people they share a bed with and whose lifestyle is being negatively impacted.”

The company said Theravent Snore Therapy Strips are clinically shown to significantly reduce or eliminate snoring and provides a convenient, user-friendly solution that’s “right under your nose,” which is the title of the brand’s new commercials.

Developed with The VIA Agency, the TV and radio spots are slated to air throughout the fourth quarter and in 2018.

“We’re excited that this new approach will also set ourselves apart in the industry,” Howard added, “and our hope is to wake up the snoring community and empower the 50 million people who suffer from snoring by letting them know Theravent offers a solution that’s so easy. There’s no excuse to keep snoring.”


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