Theravent Snore Therapy hits shelves at CVS

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Approximately 50 million Americans are affected by snoring — and that doesn’t include the millions of bed partners disturbed by snorers, the company said.

“Over the years, consumers have been subjected to the perils of gadgets and gimmicks that promise to stop snoring,” stated Theravent chief executive officer Matt Williams. “Theravent stands out from the pack, born from prescription technology, clinically proven and, most importantly, it delivers a quiet night of sleep. Now it’s easier than ever for consumers to access this technology with a national distribution footprint.”

Theravent comes in three versions: Lite for light snorers, Regular for moderate snorers and Max for loud snorers. The Lite and Regular products come in 30- and 90-count boxes, while the Max version comes in a 20-count box. Also available is a trial pack with two of each version.


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