Tom’s of Maine unveils new packaging

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KENNEBUNK, Maine — Do Good. Work Hard. Not Just Talk. Happy People, Happy Planet. These may sound like catchy t-shirt slogans from the 1970s, but they’re actually part of the new activism-inspired packaging design unveiled by natural care leader Tom’s of Maine, a socially responsible company that emerged amidst the many vibrant movements of the decade.

“Our new packaging brings to life the passion and pattern of badges that represent our values to make the world a better place,” said Esi Seng, general manager at Tom’s of Maine. “The timing felt right as we see a renewed sense of activism among consumers — and now, when they buy our product, they know they are pledging their commitment to be an activist for everyday good.”

As part of the biggest visual overhaul in the brand’s history, Tom’s of Maine will lean into its long history of doing good, while graphically illustrating its commitment to a better future. Reflecting the iconic buttons and badges of the ’70s, Tom’s of Maine’s packaging features a mosaic of button-sized icons reminding people that even the smallest action can lead to big change — “Real Action,” “Small Steps,” “Activist For Everyday Good.” Other icons reinforce the company’s longstanding everyday good commitments (“10% For Charity,” “Certified B Corporation”) and product attributes (e.g., “Not Tested on Animals,” “First-of-Its-Kind Recyclable Toothpaste Tube”).

“The packaging design illustrates how we connect with our consumers through shared values,” explained Seng. “We strongly believe that collective everyday action can create a positive impact in our communities and help protect our planet for future generations.”

In addition to the new logo and packaging, Tom’s of Maine will introduce an online store for the first time at TomsofMaine.com, inviting real-time feedback to meet the evolving needs of today’s social-change-minded consumers.


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