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Topical BioMedics plans more MyPainAway products

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RHINEBECK, N.Y. — Topical BioMedics Inc. is building on its Topricin topical pain relief brand with MyPainAway powered by Topricin, a product line extension.

Topricin MyPainAway AfterBurn CreamThe company said products in the new line address specific ailments and pain issues. Two products have already been rolled out to stores: MyPainAway Fibro Cream, in late 2014, and MyPainAway After-Burn Cream, launched last month. Plans call for additional formulas to be introduced later this year and in 2016.

“MyPainAway is a natural extension of our flagship Topricin line of pain relief and healing creams, which have restored hope and quality of life to hundreds of thousands of pain sufferers since 1994,” stated pain management expert Lou Paradise, president and chief of research for Topical BioMedics.

MyPainAway Fibro Cream is formulated to address issues causing the aches and pains of fibromyalgia. The product’s natural active ingredients support the body’s desire to heal and repair the cells that are causing the pain, and it is effective when massaged in and around fibromyalgia “tender points,” according to Topical BioMedics.

A non-analgesic product, MyPainAway After-Burn Cream promotes rapid healing of the skin and alleviates burning, itching, stinging and irritations of the skin. The company said MyPainAway After-Burn Cream treats the cause of pain and shows dramatic healing of the skin after sunburn and minor burns within 24 hours.

Topricin MyPainAway Fibro CreamFormulated from a combination of homeopathic biomedicines in an odorless, greaseless base, which includes coconut oil and purified water, both MyPainAway creams work to help the body expunge excess toxins and fluids at the pain site, taking pressure off the capillaries so oxygen and nutrients can flow back into the cells, Topical BioMedics explained. The balance of removing inflammatory fluids from the pain site and restoring oxygen and nutrient availability provides energy to the affected cells, optimizing the body’s healing process, the company noted.

“Our products bridge the gap between conventional care and well-researched natural medicine and have been shown to reduce the need for and dependency on all classifications of chemical pain medications, including opioids,” Paradise added. “We are humbled that, for over 20 years, the Topricin project has assisted people suffering with pain and those addicted to painkillers to achieve fully restored and robust healthy living. Our new MyPainAway line will enable us to help even more individuals.”

MyPainAway Fibro Cream comes in a 3-ounce tube ($14.99) and a 6-ounce tube (retail price $19.99), with 3% of the sales donated to fibromyalgia research foundations. It is available at CVS and other retailers. MyPainAway After-Burn Cream is available in a 6-ounce tube ($19.99), and 3% of the product’s sales is donated to burn centers.

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