Total Store Expo shifts into high gear

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Day two of the 2017 NACDS Total Store Expo got off to a strong start with the morning Business Program, featuring presentations by NACDS chairman and Walgreens Boots Alliance co-COO Alex Gourlay and NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson.

And, of course, there was former Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs Chairman Colin Powell …

“As long as we remember where we came from and who we are, and what a wonderful, diverse society we are, we will come through these troubled times, and we will continue to be the leader of the world that wants to be free,” Powell told Business Program attendees.

Powell said of pharmacists’ role, “Your real purpose is to take care of your fellow citizens, and help them when they’re in need.”

Later, in an interview with NACDS-TV, he said of his keynote speech, ” I wanted to leave the audience with a sense of optimism about our country and optimism about our place in the world. And as you may have noticed I also made a strong pitch for the diversity of our society and to the immigrants who fueled the American economy and society and enrich us every single day.”

NACDS-TV also talked to Sarang Aranke of Kaiser Permanente, Kristin Williams of Hy-Vee, Michael Hirsch of Joseph Enterprises/Joseph Pedott Advertising & Marketing, Doug Long of QuintilesIMS and Ludmilla Reina of Sandoz.

Video courtesy NACDS-TV.


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