TRI: Be smart and get prepared for all emergencies

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WALNUT, Calif. — Total Resources International Inc. (TRI) offers an array of premium first aid kits and emergency preparedness solutions in a number of categories. Since 1991, TRI has now grown to become one of the top manufacturers of first aid, health and beauty, outdoors, sports and survival kits in the nation. For over 30 years the company has empowered consumers to protect themselves and their loved ones with reliable, sensible and accessible first aid and emergency preparedness solutions under the Be Smart Get Prepared national brand.

“We noticed a few exciting trends rising in the home health market. The first significant trend would be the increasing focus on consumer education; society now has the resources to shop mindfully — researching, reading reviews and comparing products online — to educate themselves before purchasing,” says Geolyn Gonzalez, vice president of sales and marketing at TRI. “In addition, we know consumers need powerful and convenient first aid solutions with clear, defined benefits to complement their lifestyle. Another rising trend is the shift towards self-treatment due to the cost of medical care. This combines with the aging baby boomer generation, which continues to be the largest market segment and dominates consumer spending.”

She adds that as this generation continues to grow in numbers and in age, wound care and health care products are within the top five products on their shopping lists. And the number of medical diseases, such as diabetes, is causing an amalgamation, resulting in unforeseen growth in the home health market.

“With all of this in mind, Be Smart Get Prepared addresses these prominent concerns with education and solutions for ‘infection prevention.’ With the evolution from traditional wound care to advanced wound care, and the emergence of natural and organic products for wound healing, Be Smart Get Prepared has met the demand with the launch of our flagship product, SILVEX Nano Silver Gel,” Gonzalez explains.

She says there are some interesting trends in the drug channel. “There is so much innovation in providing medical care and treatments and seeing technology at the forefront, trickling down to O-T-C. As a result of COVID, telemedicine was the only source for doctor visits. Network-connected devices met patient and doctor needs within the comfort of their own homes. Patient records, monitoring, communication and collaboration between health care professionals can now happen in real time. We also love seeing that health care now utilizes AR (augmented reality) for its educational benefits, providing a fresh and convenient approach to consumer education. As technology and the medical field evolve and reinvent themselves, Be Smart Get Prepared plans to develop to provide new and innovative applications for our first aid industry,” she says.

“Whether consumers are actively searching for Be Smart Get Prepared products or meeting us for the first time, we know that consumers are searching for innovation, and Be Smart Get Prepared is qualified to meet that expectation head on. We create versatile products full of innovation, insight and style that are compliant to FDA and mass market standards. We design with the consumers’ lifestyle in mind. By offering comprehensive products with packaging focused on design and aesthetics, our consumers understand that our products do it all, while looking great. We do all the work to integrate our first aid kits into their lifestyle by meeting their health and safety needs at home and away from home. The goal is to fill in the gaps wherever possible. Overall, we look forward to spreading awareness, educating and connecting with our consumers. Our purpose and intent is to shift the mindset of first aid consumers to be proactive instead of reactive. This is our legacy: Be Smart Get Prepared,” she concludes.


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