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TRI unveils wound care kit for people with Diabetes

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LOS ANGELES — Total Resources International (TRI), under the Be Smart Get Prepared national brand, proudly announces its participation in Better Choice for Life offered by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to debut the Tender Lovin’ Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care Kit, 70 pieces. This kit is a breakthrough in diabetic wound care, offering comprehensive solutions for wound stages 1, 2 and 3.

Crafted for ease and effectiveness, the kit includes foldable hook-and-loop fastener strips and organized compartments, making it compact and convenient for various settings from home to travel. The Tender Lovin’ kit follows a four-step approach: Clean, Treat, Protect and Secure. It is packed with essential items such as sterile gauze pads, Silvex Wound Gel with patented nano silver technology, silicone foam dressings, and more.

The kit’s Silvex Wound Gel is a standout, using nano silver technology to inhibit germ growth and enhance healing. Silicone Foam Dressing offers optimal wound protection by sealing out contaminants while allowing oxygen in, making it suitable for diverse wound types.

For more detailed information on the kit and its features, visit the dedicated landing page at, brought to you by Be Smart Get Prepared. Additionally, a video showcasing the kit’s features can be viewed, providing a visual guide to its comprehensive wound care approach.

This participation represents a shared commitment among TRI, its brand Be Smart Get Prepared and the ADA to offer quality, scientifically validated health products, enhancing diabetic health care and supporting community welfare. The partnership is part of ADA’s Better Choices for Life initiative.


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