Trxade Group announces strategic telehealth partnership with KPH Healthcare Services

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TAMPA, FL — Trxade Group announced that its telehealth subsidiary, Bonum Health, signed a strategic partnership with KPH Healthcare Services (KPH), a leading pharmaceutical and health care services provider.

Per the terms of the agreement, Bonum Health will provide affordable telemedicine services to two divisions of KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. the patients of approximately 100 Kinney Drug retail pharmacies in New York and Vermont, and, the more than two million Rx discount card members of Kinney’s sister company, ProAct, Inc., a fully integrated pharmacy benefits manager with a wholly owned mail order pharmacy.

The Bonum Health division of Trxade Group provides a mobile, B2C clinical technology platform and telehealth solution that enables virtual medical and provider services at deeply discounted rates. Through Bonum Telemedicine, an entire household can receive virtual consultations by board-certified Medical Doctors, anywhere, anytime for a low monthly subscription fee.

Kinney Drugs selected Bonum Health for its interoperable telemedicine platform which seamlessly integrates with pharmacy services and staff workflow. These emerging value-based digital health care models enable physicians and pharmacists to improve both accessibility and affordability, improving medication adherence rates and health outcomes.

“As our country continues to battle COVID-19, this partnership will make basic medical care more accessible to our patients and their families,” said John M. Marraffa, Jr., R.Ph., VP of Government Affairs and Healthcare Services Integrations at KPH Healthcare Services. “Once a patient has completed a telehealth visit, the Bonum Health Provider can use the platform’s EMR to write prescriptions. The patient will then be able to select a prescription discount savings plan directly from the network. KPH is excited to partner with Bonum to advance the health care needs of our patient community. Convenient and affordable access to medical care will benefit our patients for years to come.”

Ashton Maaraba, President of Bonum Health has positioned them as a disruptor of telehealth services, leveraging a unique platform and service model that pharmacists and their patients can trust. Maaraba notes, “We are thrilled to have established this partnership with the KPH team, whose deep-rooted commitment to their patients and communities’ dates back to 1903,” said Ashton Maaraba, President of Bonum Health. “Our team of medical providers are ready to work in collaboration with Kinney Drugs and ProAct Pharmacists to deliver affordable care to their patient community. With nearly 26 million uninsured or under-insured people in the U.S., partnerships such as these will help narrow gaps and reduce barriers to affordable, accessible care for all.”



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