Tylenol launches first new product in over a decade

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BRUNSWICK, N.J. — For the first time in over ten years, Johnson & Johnson Consumer is introducing the first new form of Children’s Tylenol with the release of Children’s Tylenol Dissolve Packs. The new product is the only pediatric acetaminophen offered in an orally dissolving granular form. 

 The company said that its consumer research informed the development of this product. The company’s findings included the fact that children graduate from liquids to chewables and pills over time, but that parents struggle when children don’t want liquids or chewables, but aren’t ready for tablets or have difficulty swallowing. Enter the wild berry-flavored granules, which dissolve on the tongue within seconds without water and offer a transitional option for these children or families on the go, the company said. 

J&J said their team worked diligently to ensure each individual pack contains the same uniform product blend and 160 mg dose of acetaminophen. To do so, the company developed a customized manufacturing process with finely tuned equipment that was specifically designed to accommodate the dissolvable granules and foil packaging material.


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