U.S. Company Helps Pharmacies Lead in Sharps Stewardship

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EXCELSIOR, Minn. — Medical supply company UltiMed Inc., a pioneer in pen-needle disposal solutions, has developed a product that helps retail pharmacies demonstrate sharps stewardship without increasing patient co-pays.

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UltiMed’s UltiGuard Safe Pack is an FDA-cleared solution that combines 100 premium pen needles and a sharps container for safe disposal. The product is the obvious choice for pen needles, as it offers a win-win-win for the patient, community and pharmacy. The product enables pharmacies to offer premium pen needles while providing a sharps-disposal solution that carries no additional out-of-pocket cost to their patients.

UltiMed cites surveys suggesting that just 5% of the more than 7.8 billion sharps sold annually in the United States are disposed of in a closed container. The other 95% are deposited, unprotected, into house hold trash, putting individuals at risk for accidental needle sticks.

In the past five years, pharmacies that dispense the UltiGuard Safe Pack have removed 360 million needles from unsafe disposal in their communities — an undeniable demonstration of sharps stewardship.


UltiMed’s dedication to pharmacies, patients and communities has resulted in a product with a rare confluence of benefits: With the Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack, pharmacists can choose a product that simultaneously helps their patients, their neighborhoods and their businesses.

To learn more about the Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack and to see it in action, click here: www.ultiguardsafepack.com


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