U.S. News 360 Reviews Survey reveals sleep habits

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WASHINGTONA new national survey from U.S. News & World Report’s 360 Reviews finds Americans’ poor sleep hygiene habits and their worries about the state of the U.S. are negatively impacting their quality of sleep.

To better understand Americans’ sleep habits and quality of sleep, U.S. News surveyed 2,001 U.S. adults about their sleep routines and habits, their sleep quality, what sleep aid products they use, and more. Survey responses were weighted in order to be representative of the U.S. population.

“Our sleep habits survey reveals that while a majority of Americans (72%) say they follow a bedtime routine, one in three (36%) report rarely or never waking up rested,” said Haniya Rae, Sleep Feature Editor for 360 Reviews. “It’s clear that some factors contributing to poor sleep quality among Americans include eating too much before bed (33%), falling asleep with the TV on (33%), and worrying (27%) about gun violence in the U.S.”


Additional survey highlights include:

  • One in five Americans (21%) rely on natural supplements to help them fall asleep
  • Nearly half of Americans (47%) say their partner’s snoring has led them to have sleep troubles
  • Nearly one in three Americans (29%) use devices with screens while falling asleep
  • Nearly one in three American pet owners (32%) let their dog or cat sleep in bed with them
  • While more than one in three Americans (40%) wash their sheets weekly, one in five (21%) wash their sheets just once a month
  • Nearly one in three Americans (28%) would give up seeing friends for one month in exchange for perfect sleep
  • Nearly one in five Americans (18%) would give up their cell phone for one month in exchange for perfect sleep


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