UCB launches Vimpat oral solution

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ATLANTA — UCB has rolled out an oral solution formulation of Vimpat C-V, an antiepileptic drug for add-on treatment of partial-onset seizures in people with epilepsy age 17 years and older.

The company said Monday that Vimpat (lacosamide) 10 mg/mL solution is now available in U.S. pharmacies in three formulations: oral tablets, oral solution and IV injection.

Vimpat injection is available as an alternative for patients when oral administration is temporarily not feasible. Vimpat therapy can be initiated with either oral or IV administration, and patients can be converted between formulations — with equivalent dosing — without titration, according to the company.

"Having Vimpat available as an oral solution is very good news," Ilo Leppik, M.D., director of the epilepsy research and education program at the University of Minnesota, said in a statement released by UCB. "There are many people for whom swallowing pills is difficult, and the oral solution, which can be substituted milligram for milligram to the oral tablet, will be helpful to adults with swallowing difficulties. This will be particularly useful for elderly in nursing homes who may have gastric tubes in place."

Vimpat oral solution 10 mg/mL is a clear, colorless to yellow or yellow-brown, strawberry-flavored liquid. It will be supplied in 465 mL PET bottles, UCB said.

"Bringing Vimpat to market in a third formulation spotlights UCB’s commitment to providing a wide range of treatment options to people living with epilepsy," commented James Zackheim, CNS medical director at UCB. "Long-term efficacy and safety data, and more than 50,000 global patient exposures, further strengthens Vimpat’s role as an add-on therapy for the treatment of partial-onset seizures in adults."

UCB added that in pivotal studies, the most common adverse reactions occurring in greater than or equal to 10% of Vimpat-treated patients, and greater than placebo, were dizziness, headache, nausea and diplopia.


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