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UnderWAY beverage now on shelves at Discount Drug Mart

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BOCA RATON, Fla. — Better Health Beverage’s underWAY appetite-suppressing beverage is now available at Discount Drug Mart locations across Ohio.

The distribution, announced Thursday, comes after the manufacturer earlier this year rolled out its Smart for Life Cookie Diet weight-loss product at Discount Drug Mart’s 69 stores in Ohio. The beverage is available at the chain in three flavors: acai-pomegranate, grape and orange.

UnderWAY’s key ingredient, HeroFiber, developed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi, is designed to fill the stomach and reduce hunger pains, allowing dieters to consume less. The 16-ounce natural beverage has 10 calories per serving and no hidden sugars, sodium or caffeine, according to the company.

"Following a successful launch of our Smart for Life products within Discount Drug Mart, we’re excited to launch underWAY while also sponsoring the Cleveland Cavaliers during their season and into the NBA playoffs," Richard Kayne, chief operating officer of Better Health Beverage, said in a statement. "The Cavaliers are spreading excitement throughout the state, and we’re proud to be a part of it. In addition, to support our product launch with Discount Drug Mart, we will have a regional TV media blitz in Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus to help support the trial and traffic for Discount Drug Mart."

Better Health Beverage added that television celebrity Brooke Burke, co-host of ABC’s "Dancing with the Stars" program, has been named brand spokesperson for underWAY. "As a busy mother of four children with a hectic work schedule, I try to eat healthy and maintain energy," Brooke stated, "and underWAY gives me an easily portable solution to keep me feeling full through to my next healthy meal or snack."


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