Upsher-Smith expands Access Pathways Program

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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Upsher-Smith announced that commercially insured migraine patients with high-deductible health plans can turn to the company’s expanded Access Pathways Program for free acute and preventive migraine treatments. Eligible patients who use the program’s new online pharmacy option pay $0 per prescription and can receive free home delivery for each of Upsher-Smith’s migraine medications including: Tosymra (sumatriptan nasal spray) 10 mg and Zembrace SymTouch (sumatriptan injection) 3 mg for the acute treatment of migraine in adults and QudexyXR (topiramate) Extended-Release Capsules for the prevention of migraine headache in adults and adolescents.

“At Upsher-Smith, we recognize the importance of making migraine medications easier for providers to prescribe and more accessible to patients – particularly at the start of a new year when high-deductible commercial health plans reset,” said Rusty Field, president and CEO, Upsher-Smith. “Our Access Pathways Program is a best-in-class savings and support program that we’ve offered since 2017. Adding an online pharmacy option further enhances this program by optimizing the provider experience and offering eligible patients the opportunity to have their migraine medication delivered to their doorstep, for free.”

Health care expenditures make up a large part of the average household budget in the U.S. and the number of people enrolled in high-deductible healthcare plans is growing. In fact, the availability of this type of plan for private industry workers participating in medical care plans increased from 24% in 2010 to 45% in 2018. While patients typically pay a lower premium, they often pay more out of pocket for their medication, particularly at the start of a new year. The Access Pathways online pharmacy option helps commercially insured patients, even those enrolled in high-deductible plans, save on Tosymra, Zembrac  SymTouch and Qudexy XR



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