UrthLeaf polls customers on benefits of CBD use for pain and anxiety

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LOS ANGELES — UrthLeaf recently explored the wide-ranging benefits of CBD use by asking its customers to weigh in on their experiences. First expanding on CBD use in a series of online articles, UrthLeaf has highlighted reports of customers using CBD to help with pain, due to surgery, illness, migraines and other sources. Similarly, UrthLeaf customers have cited the purity and strength of the company’s signature Hemp Oil Tinctures as having a direct beneficial effect on their depression and anxiety.

“The benefits of CBD use are just now being explored by the medical community and the Food and Drug Administration,” said Kris Bocs, an UrthLeaf representative. “And many U.S. states are exploring the uses of CBD for both depression and anxiety. The major question is: Does CBD really help with pain and anxiety? Right now, the answer from the scientific community is ‘we’re not sure.’ But two things are certain: our customers love our products, and the purity and quality of CBD oil is of major concern to them. And that’s why our CBD oil is absolutely guaranteed pure. Our oils are third-party tested for consistency and safety.”

UrthLeaf has always taken client feedback very seriously, as the company feels deeply connected to its customer base. UrthLeaf is proud of the overwhelmingly positive reviews it continues to receive on both its product site and through Yelp:

“I’ve been using their CBD gummies for my anxiety for nearly a month now, and I already can’t imagine not having them” … “Nothing bothers you and you just have a feeling of calmness.” —S.W.

“My mother-in-law has taken the 1800mg [product] and let me tell you! It works.” … “She is always in pain and has a hard time walking. She’s feeling very little pain!” —J. L.

“I have to say this product saved my life. I tried different CBD brands and none of them worked for my anxiety. I started using UrthLeaf about two months ago and all my anxiety went away and I sleep much better at nights.” —Yelp Review

“Used CBD oil for a month, six drops under the tongue twice a day; depression much improved but pain still there. I then tried doubling dose; depression has improved a lot. Pain relief much better with the higher doses of 1800mg tincture. UrthLeaf has made me a believer.” —Dan

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) recently noted that solid science on CBD use is still in its infancy; however, the ADAA has reported that there is evidence that CBD “may be a useful treatment for a number” of conditions, and it is continuing to monitor the published science on the topic.


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