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Use of FSAs is facilitated by

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BELLEVUE, Wash. — Acknowledging the nearly 35 million Americans who have flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to cover their health care expenses, and who run the risk of losing their unused balances if they do not spend the funds by the end of the year, is highlighting a one-stop shopping web site that makes it easier for customers to maximize these accounts.

The online retailer’s FSA Store, accessed via the main site at, provides account holders with more than 3,000 FSA-eligible products in one, easy-to-search destination.

Many of the products are on sale, and shoppers who use the site also have access to high-value instant “click and save” coupons.

In addition, customers with FSAs can use the accounts to purchase contact lenses through, a subsidiary of

Most FSA plans require account holders to use all of their health care dollars by the end of the calendar year, while other plans give members until March 15, 2010.

The pretax FSAs can be used for medical expenses, prescription drugs, contact lenses and eligible nonprescription products, according to executives.

“While Congress debates health care reform and whether nonprescription products will continue to be FSA-eligible in the coming years, participants can still use their FSA funds for this plan year and take advantage of this important benefit,” notes David Lonczak, vice president and chief marketing officer at

“Regardless of the future of FSA accounts, will always be a reliable source for value-minded consumers to fulfill their health care needs.”


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