Valisure unveils digital pharmacy that validates meds using lasers

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Valisure has launched the first-ever online analytical pharmacy, which dispenses batch-validated medications direct to consumers. Valisure’s Harvard- and Yale-trained scientists have developed laser-based technology to analyze the chemical properties and ingredients of every batch of prescription medication, over-the-counter drug and supplement it dispenses without adding costs to consumers.

Using this proprietary technology, Valisure now delivers medications to consumers that come with an easy-to-read certificate of analysis specifying verified dosage, inactive ingredients and other important properties.

David Light

“When your prescriptions are filled, neither you, your doctor, nor your pharmacy knows the actual quality of the medication you’re getting. We’ve all had the experience of buying a bad batch of produce from a supermarket, but you can usually tell when food is bad by smell, taste or appearance. But a bad batch of meds tends to look, taste and smell exactly like a good one,” said David Light, founder and chief executive officer of Valisure. “Valisure was started because of one of our founders had a terrible experience with a bad batch of medication during a routine refill from a big-chain pharmacy. At Valisure, we have the only pharmacy that chemically checks the quality of every single batch of every medication to screen out the bad batches.”

He noted that about 80% of ingredients in U.S. medications are manufactured in India or China where FDA oversight is difficult. In addition, roughly 90% of drugs Americans take are generic, and in the U.S. there are approximately three drug recalls a day. “Focus on quality and consistency has become an increasingly important concern for the public and is an issue that only Valisure addresses directly to consumers.”

Valisure founders Adam Clark-Joseph and David Light, friends since their Yale days, reconnected after Adam suffered serious complications from his anticonvulsant medication due to batch variability. Shocked that adequate safeguards were not in place, they began to grasp the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Working together, they created Valisure as a solution to bring improvements in quality and consistency direct to consumers.


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