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Vicks delves into connected health with smartphone thermometer

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MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — The Vicks cold and flu relief brand has entered the connected health space with the rollout of the Vicks SmartTemp wireless smartphone thermometer.

Vicks SmartTemp

Kaz USA Inc. said the Vicks SmartTemp is the first Bluetooth-enabled thermometer from a “major mom brand” and makes tracking multiple kids’ temperatures easier with a companion app available for Android or Apple devices.

With the free Vicks SmartTemp App, users can create individual profiles for each family member to store their detailed temperature history. The temperature readings are automatically populated from the thermometer via a wireless Bluetooth connection, while symptoms, medications and other notes can be added to help track an illness and as reference when sharing updates with a physician.

The compact, portable stick thermometer has a flexible tip for comfortable oral, underarm or rectal readings in eight seconds. The full history can easily be stored and recalled with the companion app.

The Vicks SmartTemp App also features Fever InSight guidance, which turns the screen of the mobile device a different color depending on the temperature reading. The screen will change from green to yellow or red as body temperature rises, respectively, to indicate no fever, moderate fever or high fever and to help caregivers better understand its meaning.

Temperature readings and symptom notes can be exported via email for simple sharing with a family doctor, school nurse or other family member. Reminders, too, can be set up to help parents keep on track with doctors’ advice. The notifications prompt parents at a requested time with the prior dosage information for each family member or provide a temperature notification at a requested time.

“As a result of our team’s extensive research, we know mom’s value accuracy and ease of use when shopping for a thermometer,” stated Lara Peterson, vice president of health care at Kaz USA, which designs and distributes the Vicks SmartTemp through a license agreement with Procter & Gamble Co. “We understand the challenges parents face trying to accurately remember their children’s fever histories. We’ve combined the flexible features we know mom loves from our market-leading digital sticks with the convenience of wireless automated temperature history tracking via our free companion app. Finally, mom has all the accurate information she needs right at hand for a smarter doctor’s visit.”

The Vicks SmartTemp thermometer carries a suggested retail price of $24.99 and is available at major pharmacy and baby retailers.


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